Guitar : ’’ Choose a Guitar course and join the beating heart and soul of the Musicians Stop itself ‘’.

Course Outline :

Beginners :

>Open position chords,
>Naming guitar parts,
>Introduction to the Musical alphabets,
>Basic strumming patterns,stringing,tuning and maintainence,
>Introduction to major and natural minor scales(one octave)
>Alternate picking
>Introduction to basic theory of triads
>Sight reading with whole, half and quarter notes and rests
>Introduction to playing with simple metronomic placements
>Regular feedback from the teachers.
>Term end exams (Rock school,Trinity,London)


>Chord inversions
>Introduction to finger picking styles
>Major and Natural Minor scales (two octaves)
>Introduction to arpeggios (major and minor)
>More alternate picking exercises and build-ups
>Introduction to theory of chord inversions
>Sight reading with whole, half, quarter and eighth notes and rests
>Introduction to Aural : Intervals, major and minor triads
>Introduction to four note chords
>Regular feedback from the teachers.
>Term end exams (Rock school,Trinity,London)


>Elaborate Scales : major, minor(natural, harmonic, melodic)locating anywhere in the fretboard.
> Introduction to CAGED forms.
>Locating four note chords anywhere in the fretboard.
>Introduction of economy picking ,sweep picking and hybrid picking and their usage.
>Jamming with complex metronomic placements and odd time signatures.
>Locating major, minor, diminished arpeggios anywhere in the fretboard.
>Introduction to chart reading.
>Sight reading with odd time signatures and with whole, half, quarter, eighth, sixteenth notes and rests. quarter and eighth note triplets and tied notes etc.
>Introduction to standard Jazz and comping.
>Regular feedback from the teachers.
>Term end exams (Rock school, Trinity, London)