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Musicians Stop’s mission is to provide the highest quality instruction in music and the related arts to children and adults, regardless of age, background or ability. Highly credentialed and dedicated faculties, help students achieve artistic, educational and social goals.
M S’ program is designed to be equally meaningful for those of average ability and those with exceptional talent. While most M S’ students pursue their studies for personal enrichment, a significant number go on to professional level of performance and careers.
We inspire, encourage and equip our students to succeed by delivering relevant and innovative education of the highest quality.
*We are committed to building a positive team and a supportive environment.
*We are creative, innovative and open minded.
*We believe in equal opportunities for all.
*We take pride in achieving the highest quality in all we do.
Musician Stop


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Music gives soul to the universe, wings to the mind, flight to the imagination, and charm to life and to everything.